Jasmuheen endlich wieder in Wien !!!


21. - 23. Juni 2019


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UNITY RESET for an Evolving World

with Jasmuheen

Vienna - Austria

Vienna, Austria - 21st-24th June 2019 inclusive

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Come and join Jasmuheen in this four-day intensive

as she presents her new Unity Reset Program

with a special emphasis on our Lightbody Templates.


Part 1 – Friday & Saturday from 10am – 6pm

Part 2 – Sunday & Monday – 10am – 6pm


Participants can come for the first 2 days only but must have completed Part 1 to do Part 2.


Jasmuheen writes

“As more of us come into the deeper states of union with our pure Essence nature, the more of its zones are revealed to us ... these zones are fields of possibility and ways of being that are beyond the wildest imaginings of so many. And yet the exploration and experience of unity consciousness within ourselves and with each other on earth is such a magnificent journey that brings us endless insights and rewards. Our world is evolving into the most enlightening state that so many have dreamed of for so long, the only thing we now control is the timing of it all for the path has been set and determined by the pure hearted of our world!”



The Unity Reset Program …

  • Is for those who are ready to be in a more consistent flow of peace, health, happiness and harmony within themselves and with all life;
  • Is for those who can honor our individual uniqueness and cultures, so that we can all enjoy the ‘one people on one planet living in harmony zone’ on Earth;
  • Is for those who like things simple that work;
  • Is for those who are ready to vibrate themselves beyond the pattern of duality and limitation.
  • It is for those who are ready to let the past go and see that each moment is brand new and so it is for those who are ready to use their mental energy in ways that enhance the whole.
  • Our Unity Reset Program is for those open to enjoying true unity consciousness with all and for those open to the paradigm of both personal and planetary ascension.
  • Lastly, this program is for those who are ready for the ‘more than everything zone’.

To achieve the above, in our Unity Reset Program we will share inspirational life stories as we apply the science of Unity with very specific recoding, using a system that has been taught time and time again to many evolving worlds to help complete their ascension process. Also ..

  • Is there life on other planetary systems in other dimensions? Yes.
  • Are we all naturally telepathic? Yes.
  • Can we all be nourished by prana so that we no longer need to take physical food except for pleasure? Yes.
  • Can we exist in oceans of the deepest peace and bliss where our lives are filled with grace and our hearts are filled with gratitude and we really live in paradise on Earth? Yes.
  • Is there a formula for all of this? Yes.
  • Is there a formula for permanent peace on Earth? Yes, yes, yes









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Europahaus  - 1140 Wien, Linzerstraße 429